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Although these web pages are perfectly readable by a PC or Mac desktop or laptop, they are specially designed to be read on cell phones
     or various pads without the need for horizontal scrolling. This means that they have only very basic navigation links and that tables, diagrams
     and other graphics are kept to a minimum and are small in size.  Furthermore, bells and whistles are eliminated. 
Description: This page contains links to math procedures whose web pages are optimized for Android or WAP phones and iPads. 
   Additionally, some of them are written with the newer TI-84 (with Operating System 2.55 or later.)  Unless otherwise indicated,
   the procedures will be for both the TI-83 Plus and TI-84.

1. Graphing  a Function by Hand:  Here :  Procedure for finding x-y pairs for graphing a function by hand using a TI-83 Plus or TI-84.


    Arithmetic with Lists:  Here : This web page will show how to do arithmetic such as sums, squares, multiplication, and addition with lists.  These
    techniques will save many arithmetic operations for students whose teacher requires detail arithmetic calculations.
  Correlation Coefficient:  Here : This page describes the procedure for calculating the correlation coefficient and graphing the best-fitting
      line along with the scatter plot. 
  Histogram:  Here : This page gives a detailed procedure for creating a histogram with the calculator and by hand.
  Standard Deviation and Variance: Here :  This procedure gives detailed procedures for calculating the standard deviation and
   variance both using the calculator only and also doing the detailed arithmetic with the calculator.

Newer TI-84 (Newer OS) procedures:  Here : This page augments the Brief User Guide, found on website, for the TI-83Plus/TI-84.  It explains the new capabilities of working with fractions, matrices, some calculus functions, a few additions to the MATH menu, and the Stats Wizard.

Statistics with a TI-84: Here : This page gives procedures for most basic statistics operations using a TI-84.

User Guides: 
  Casio 9850 User Guide:
Here  :  This web page gives general instructions for using the Casio 9850 calculator.
  TI-83 Plus/TI-84 User Guide:
Here  :  Document provides instructions to perform many operations with the calculators indicated in the topic heading.

Linear Programming & Finite Math:
  1.  Inequalities Here:  This document describes in detail how to use the Inequality APP to solve a linear programming problem by graphing.