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I was surprised and disappointed by your letter to Harriette Cole about white euphemists. As a person who usually seems to have their head on straight I was surprised that you jumped on the bandwagon of the paranoiacs who believe that white supremists represent a significant portion of whites in American.

     Anyone who knows anything about history knows that there have been marches by white Nazi-type groups for well over seventy years. It used to be that their rights were protected by the police. They did their marches, and they were ignored by most and quickly forgotten by others. Everybody knew they didn’t speak for anyone except those with similar distorted minds.

      Among African-Americans, there is Black Entertainment, Black Journalists Organization, Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP, Historically Black Colleges, Black Lives Matter, Black Power, and who knows how many other black “racist” groups there are. But it’s for sure that there is “racism” in every phase of black life. Additionally, being an American is not good enough for them. They must even attach the segregationist prefix African to their nationality as Americans.

      So, if you need to feel paranoid because a march by a few nutty whites turned into a situation with a tragic outcome, please don’t burden young people with your persecution complex. Please let them live in the real world and be comfortable in their right to be free.


Frank Kizer



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