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Ltr #1

Let's at least try to be honest. David Waters and Mauricio Calvo don't even come close in Waters' latest broadside supporting illegal immigration. (Complex, unfair system is why many immigrants can't wait in line, 8-3-17). The implication that Latinos read the US immigration rules and decided on some high moral plane that the unfairness of the rules justified their coming here illegally is absurd beyond belief.

      Neither are they coming here because they want it as their adopted country or that they want to be part of our language or culture. I've know Hispanics who couldn't speak understandable English after being here for twenty years. Protest groups were carrying the Mexican flag before their handlers told them it wasn't good politics. We can't really know the Latino community because all of their protests are staged by professionals. But in my experience, they are coming here for one reason: Money.

     People have been coming to this country illegally from Mexico since I was a child. I can remember how it was a subject for much derisive laughter and fun among those who were here illegally. It was a big joke how easy it was to come into this country. So, more so than most unfortunate groups, Latinos must bear a major share of the blame for their troubles because they took the easy way out and chose to break our laws.

     Despite all of this, illegals are our fellow human beings and few of us have navigated this life without making some fairly major mistakes. Somehow we need to adopt  and enforce an immigration policy that will make it unrewarding for people to break our laws and come here illegally. Solomon himself would be challenged to arrive at the most just and humane policy.  Obviously, Waters and Calvo are  the last ones we should be looking to for guidance. Waters is too fond of wrapping himself in the cloth of holier-than-thou and Calvo has his own vested interest of making a bundle and gaining political power through exploitation of another minority.

     It's a tall order, but maybe for starters the rest of us could give honesty and objectivity a try.


Frank Kizer


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