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Content:  This document covers a very approximate and preliminary description of the mathematical capabilities of the Casio Prism graphing
calculator and some comments on its similarities to the Casio CFX-9850GB Plus. More information may be added as I become more familiar with
this calculator.

Disclaimer:    This brief review is not intended as a comprehensive or complete review the prism calculator, but is merely a preliminary description to
give students some idea of the capability of the calculator.  This review is written from the perspective of a college math teacher and, like the other
parts of this website, has no information that would be useful to gamers or people interested in the calculator as an entertainment device.
I do not
own a Casio Prism calculator.  So the information included in this review has been obtained from various places on the Internet and from my
occasional use of the
Casio CFX-9850GB Plus.

Date of Composition:  12/10/10           Release Date:  Not released.        Last Revision Date:  1/27/11

General Comments:  As one might expect, this is not a new calculator started from scratch, but is very similar in some respects to the Casio
CFX-9850GB Plus.  The user interface is icon driven as is the Casio CFX-9850GB Plus, and the categories of most of the icons are similar to
 the Casio CFX-9850GB Plus.
The Prism has eighteen icons, whereas the Casio CFX-9850GB Plus has fifteen.  In fact, the keyboard layout
is very similar to the
CFX-9850GB Plus, except for some additions on the numbers part of the keyboard.  These additional functions are as  follows:
 Capture, Clip, Paste, Ins, Undo, Catalog, Format, List, Mat.

Additional Capabilities:   Some of the functions that have been added that were not on the  CFX-9850GB Plus are as follows: eActivity,
Spreadsheet, E-Con2, Geometry.  It also has copy and paste features. It has a Math Input/Output mode which the Casio CFX-9850GB Plus
does not have. 
     Picture Plot lets you plot points that represent coordinates on a photograph, drawing, or other graphic and perform various types of analyses.  For example,
a regression analysis on a curve in an illustration could be performed
     A computer will recognize the calculator when the calculator is plugged into a USB port, and screen capture can be accomplished without additional  third-
party software. 

Display: I should not fail to mention that the fantastic advancement of this calculator is the amount of memory and the display resolution and number of colors
that it has. I will not attempt to describe the display and the features that are available with this display.  You can best see this at the following website.

Impressive Features:  The calculator has 65,000 colors, a high resolution 384 x216 display and 16 MB of flash memory. 

Some Functions of Interest: 

Function Description  
Graphing Graphing display includes graphing on actual landscapes.  
Matrix Full capability on matrices.  
Statistical Full range of statistical functions such as different distributions, different tests, an 1- and two variable statistics.  
Spreadsheet This has a 26-colunm x 999-line spreadsheet.  You can also do statistical operations using the spreadsheet.  
Dyna-Graph Similar to older versions with enhanced resolution and colors.  
Table Full range of table functions  
Conic Graphs This is used to graph conics.  
Geometry. This mode is used to analyze and draw geometric figures.  
Differentiation: Will give the values of first and second derivatives at points on a graph.  
Integration Will give the value of the definite integral between points on a curve or between curves.
Although I do have not been able to confirm this, I suspect that it has the options of Gauss
and Simpson's the same as the CFX-9850GB Plus  
Some thing it will not do:    
Give the antiderivative No  
Give the derivative in algebraic form No  
Factor Polynomials No  
Solve differential equations No  

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