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MOBILE WEB PAGES ADDED?  I have added a few pages for mobile devices, iPad, Android phones, and WAP devices
and possible others.  These pages are designed to download quickly and be readable on a small phone screen.

TI CONNECT FOR WINDOWS 7:  Several people have had problems with "no driver" alerts when TI Connect is
 being installed with Windows 7  OS and a USB cable..  I haven't looked into the reasons for this, but I had the same problem
 and here's the quick fix that worked for me.  I had saved TI Connect and installed it in the usual manner, so I uninstalled it and started
from scratch.  After that I did the following.
1.  I signed on and found TI Connect 1.6.1.  Make sure you choose 1.6.1.  You can get it at this URL.
2.  Rather than save TI Connect, I clicked "Run" and allowed the TI Connect installer to install the application.  It will
     go through the usual preliminary requests before completing the installation.
3.  After the installation in complete, turn on TI Connect and plug the USB into your calculator, turn on the calculator, and
     plug the USB cable into the computer, not into a hub, and the driver should be loaded and everything work okay.
QUOTE OF ADVICE FROM TI: (There's a comment on the Macintosh following the Windows part.)

"For your Windows computer, there are many things that may cause you to be unable to connect the calculator with the computer. I would like you to
please visit the link below for some basic troubleshooting tips:


If all this is correct and the transfer still is not working try running the clean up file I have attached to this email. Please follow the steps below.

• Uninstall TI-Connect you have installed on your computer.
• Double click the file contained within the CleanTIConnect.zip.
• When completed, shut down your computer.
• Restart your computer and then try to install TI-Connect again and see if it is operating normally.

If you are still having difficulty I recommend that you try a different cable and if possible a different computer to see if you still experience the
same problems on another computer. This will help us narrow it down to problems with your computer, cable or calculator.

If after trying different cables/computers are still unable to get your calculator to communicate then please reply back with the following information.

• A screen shot of the error that you are getting.
• Please specify the version of TI-Connect that you have installed.
• If the error occurs when trying to send a file, please send me a copy of the file you are trying to send.
• The calculator's Operating System version.
• Your computer’s system information file.
• Please indicate the results of testing it out on a different computer if possible.

To get the system information file on Windows 7:

• Go to Start Menu and search for System Info.
• Once loaded, click on File and choose Save.
• Name the file with your First and Last Name.
• Please check to make sure that system info file(.nfo) is the selected type of file.
• Attach the .nfo file to this email."
"First, I would like to inform you that Texas Instruments has not tested this software on Macintosh 10.7 OS. It was last updated to work with
Macintosh 10.6.4 OS. While we will continue to troubleshoot any issues that may arise I am not able to guarantee that a solution may be available.
If uninstalling and reinstalling the software did not resolve the issue, please be aware that our software developers are working on possible solutions
for a possible future update to the software. Unfortunately, I do not have an estimated time frame as to when this update may become available.
I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused."  END OF QUOTE.
Unfortunately, the 'Big Brother" filter here at the college wiped out the "clean-up" file, so I was not able to include it.

CASIO PRISM:  Several students have asked me about the Casio Prism.  About all I can do is give you a
link for the user manual.  Several have asked if the calculator has the same capability for integration and
differentiation as the TI-89 Titanium.  I believe that the integration is limited to definite integrals and that the
values for the derivatives--first and second are available--can be found. I will try to find out more about the
Prism by the first week in February of 2011.  Here's the link:  http://edu.casio.com/products/cg_series/data/fxcg10_20_E.pdf

NEW ENTRY:  Best "free" computer graphing software in my opinion:  Graphmatica.  Download at
www.graphmatica.com .  Also available in español.

*  Best price seen in the newspaper advertising supplements for Sunday: (Prices will be posted again in
    mid-January 2012.)
    GRAPHING CALCULATORS:  (Sorry, some prices are not up to date at this time.)
 DATE           STORE                  TI-83 Plus   TI-84+          TI-84+SE__ TI-89 Ti    TI-Nspire    Casio fx-9750 Plus 
8/25/13          Office Depot        $79.99                                $119.99*                       N/A                                                                 
8/25/13        Office Max              $99.99            N/A            $119.99**               $129.99                   
 8/25/13        Staples                    $99.99                               $114.99                        $139.99                                 
8/17/09         Target                    N/A             N/A                 N/A  
12/3/11         Wal-Mart               N/A             N/A                  $97.00**                                            $42.74                          
*Includes 8 GB thumb drive, free.
** Color display.                                                                                                

DATE        STORE                  TI-34mv       TI-30SX IIS          TI-30X XS    Casio fx-300ES  
8/9/08         Office Depot                                
8/25/13       Staples                                      $14.99**
8/25/13         Wal-Mart                                   $12.97                   
8/25/13        Office Max                              $12.99                                                                                    

** All scientific calculators listed as 20% off.

*  STCC students click here for information about buying a calculator.

*  Don't know what graphing calculator to buy?  Click here for ideas.

*  Don't know what scientific calculator to buy?  Click here for ideas.

*  How about the Durabrand calculator for $19.95?  Click here for thoughts on

*  Need a brief User Manual for the TI-82?  Click here

*  Need a brief User Manual for the TI-83 Plus?  Click here

*  Don't know how to use the Financial App on your TI-83 Plus? 

*  Don't know how to use the statistics functions on your TI-83 Plus?  Click
    here.  Click here for a printer friendly manual.

*  Need a brief User Manual for the TI-89? 

*  Questions or suggestions about anything on this Website?  Click on E-mail Webmaster in the navigation bar and send 
    me an e-mail. 


Brief User Guides:

     TI-83 Plus  Financial                    5/17/14 Some portfolio calculations added                    
     TI-83 Statistics                          10/29/08  Changes to Std. Dev. & Correlation
TI-82 Statistics                         10/20/08  A temporary guide has been added.
TI-82 User Guide                    12/12/07  Some errors have been corrected.
     TI-83Plus Statistics User Guide  10/2/08  Std. Dev. & Correlation with Computation Formula added.
    Casio CFX-9850GP Plus           3/3/07  (This also applies in most instances to the CFX-9750 Plus.)
            Last Date any other page revised on this Website:  9/26/06

La Información más última de las Revisiones en Español.

Breve Guía del Usaría
TI-83 Estadísticas          10/29/08  Adiciones a desviación estándar y lineal correlación.

TI-82                                                   12/12/07   (Se han corregido unas errores  en esta guía.)
TI-83 Plus Estadísticas                     4/19/07       (Se han corregido unas errores tipográficos en esta guía.)
Las páginas amistosas de la impresora se han agregado para la finciera y
la estadísticas.

TI-83 Plus Breve Guía del Usaría   10/12/06   (Sistemas de ecuaciones añadido.)

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