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 Frank's Letters      How to do it User Manuals, Programs, and FAQs
                                                                             Se habla español aquí.

Content: Detailed how-to-do-it guides, FAQs, and programs for TI-82, TI-83 Plus, TI-84, TI-89 Titanium, Casio Cfx-9850GB, Casio Cfx-9750GB, Casio 7400G Plus, Casio 7400G and several scientific calculators.   In addition to programs, you'll also find hundreds of FAQs,  short-form user manuals, which calculator to buy, how to program,  and much more.  Some pages are optimized for reading on small mobile screens such as WAP and Android phones. Algunos de estos documentos están en español también .
Webmaster:  Frank Kizer

Queston?: Email webmaster at: knosummath@aol.com

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 If you want answers to calculator questions in easy-to-understand language, you've come to the right place.   

It's all free: No places to sign in, no passwords needed, no follow-up advertising or spamming your email box.  It is all copywrited, but you can make one copy, and more if you obtain my permission by clicking "Webmaster" in the navigation panel and sending me a one-sentence request. 

What you'll find here: On this Website you'll find Brief User Manuals for students who have lost their TI User Manuals or who prefer a more detailed and easier to understand manual.  There are separate manuals for statistics, for the TI financial application, and for business and economics all for the TI-89, TI-83 Plus and TI-84 series.  You will also find some BASIC Language programs (no assembly language programs) and lots of answered questions (FAQs) for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83Plus, TI-84,  Casio CFX-9850GB Plus, and Casio 7400G Plus calculators. There are also frequently asked questions on several makes and models of scientific calculators, and some pointers on what calculator to buy to meet your needs. 

Interactive Tutorials:  I have recently started interactive tutors for some mathematics topics.  I plan to have mostly topics in beginning and intermediate algebra and later perhaps a few topics on statistics.  You can find a list of what's available by clicking "Math Tutorials" in the navigation panel at left.  There are links to the individual tutorials there.

Wireless: A few documents have been converted to "wireless ready."  This means that the documents are automatically
adjusted to fit on the screen of various size devices on everything from PCs to Pads, to Android and WAP telephones.  The "wireless ready" allows viewing without horizontal scrolling.  To access those files, click "Mobile Phones & Pads" in the navigation panel at left.

What you won't find here:  Let me get right to the point: This Website is designed primarily for college and high school students who are using calculators in their courses.  No talking Chihuahuas, no dancing alligators, no psychedelic signs, and no games.   This site is designed to take as little of your alloted bandwidth as possible. If you are strictly a gamer, sorry, but this site is not for you.

Getting Started:  If you're interested in programs, you may first want to read "About The Programs" below. Then you might want to go to the Program Descriptions to see what they are about, how much memory they use, and how long it'll take you to enter a program by hand.  As I mentioned above, there are also abbreviated instruction manuals that you may download or print, and much other stuff.  So just click on what might interest you on the navigation bar to the left and you're on your way.  Incidentally, the HOT STUFF link above to the left might be a good place to start; then you might check the Recent Additions near the top of the navigation panel.

Si usted no lee inglés:  He intentado traducir la mayoría de los FAQs (hechos con frecuencia preguntas) a español.  Seguro las traducciones no son perfecto, pero espero que estén de una cierta ayuda a las que no puedan leer inglés.  Para ir a esos FAQs, haga clic en el título en la barra de la navegación a la izquierda que dice “FAQs en Español.”  Hay también algunos enlaces a otros sitios que tengan las clases particulares y otra información sobre cómo utilizar las calculadoras gráficas.  Hay también los manuales de instrucción  abreviados que usted puede descargar o imprimir, y muchas otras cosas enumeradas en la barra de la navegación.  De este modo, haga clic en lo que le interesa en la barra de navegación a la izquierda y usted está en marcha.

 About The Programs
     The programs on this site fall into one of three categories:  a) Interactive programs designed to have the student "tell" the calculator the steps he/she wants to take to do a problem, b) Programs designed to give a particular calculator the capability of a newer model calculator, and c) Programs that accept data and give you an answer.  An example of the first category is the matrix row operations program. In that program,  the student tells the calculator what type row operation he/she wants to perform and the multiplier to use.  The program then does all of the arithmetic and displays the new matrix with the row operation completed.  An example of the second category would be the Gauss and Gauss-Jordan elimination programs that give the TI-82 and Casio CFX-9850/Plus the capability to do ref and rref the same as the TI-83Plus.   The Simplex and Gauss-Jordan elimination programs would be examples of the third type. 

Disclaimer: Everything on this page is free, so I make no claims as to efficacy, code efficiency, or proper operation of these programs.  If you have problems,  I will, as time permits, try to respond to any e-mails I receive about the items on this Website. 

Make a Suggestion:  In return for the use of this material, I would appreciate any suggestions you have for improvement.  I am not totally satisfied with the efficiency of the coding in some of these programs. (That is especially true for the Casio programs.).  So, if you have a better idea, I'd be grateful if you'd tell me about it.  Just click the Webmaster item at the top of the navigation bar on the left to bring up an e-mail form.

Use of these Programs:  You may use these programs and other information freely for your own personal use and for the use of other students.  Multiple copies may be made with my permission which is easily obtained by e-mail to Webmaster.  Just give me a reasonable explanation for wanting to make multiple copies, e.g., a teacher who wants to make copies for his/her students.  Document on this website may not be distributed when charges of any kind, including charges for copying materials, are made. 

Last Revised: 2/1/16

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